3 young Coconuts
Pandan flavored gelatin (if not available, cook gelatin with pandan leaves and set)
1 small bunch of Pandan leaves
1 cup fresh milk
homemade syrup 
Tapioca (optional)

On a large pitcher, pour the coconut juice. Grate or shred coconut meat and add to the juice. Cook the gelatin and slice into small bite size pieces. Prepare syrup by using a ratio of 2 parts sugar to one part water. Bring water to a boil then add sugar and Pandan leaves to add flavor. When syrup has cooled, add cooked gelatin, syrup and fresh milk and cooked tapioca to the juice mix. Chill then serve with ice cubes. Top with toasted Pinipig or rice crispies if desired.


WW Recipes said...

From the pics it looks nice...I want to try this:D

Thank you

Wenx said...

Yup this drink is awesome...very healthy and yummy indeed ;)