Detoxification is an effective way to rid one's body of toxins that cause many illnesses. The Virgin Coconut Oil Detox can naturally eliminate yeast infection in the body. The proliferation of yeast/candida/fungi gives rise to addictions to sweets and breads. Will power is no match for this self-perpetuating organism.  Once they take over the body, it can lead to diseases like leaky gut syndrome, poor digestion and eventually cancer.

Here is a quick and easy Virgin Coconut Oil Detox Protocol from the Cure Manual.

Take 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every 2 hours.  Ideally, you must consume 10 to 12 tablespoons per day or as much as you can tolerate. You must abstain from eating any solid food during this detox. Aside from the VCO, you can only drink lemonade with rock salt as much as you'd like throughout the day. Freshly squeeze 1 full cup of fresh ripe lemons in 7 cups of home distilled or home reverse osmosis water. Add 1 teaspoon of rock salt. Do not add sugar, honey or sweetener to the lemonade for this will fail to eliminate the yeast.

If you must eat something, live cultured plain yogurt can be taken for snacks.

The logic is you feed your human body with VCO for energy while at the same time you starve the yeast/fungi/candida as none of the food and drink you are ingesting is food for them. Virgin coconut oil is a all-natural and powerful antibiotic that is deadly to the yeast.

Let me explain the basic principle: we normaly feed ourselves sugars, starch, bread, rice, corn or any carbohydrate for energy but this feeds the fungi/yeast/candida. Virgin Coconut Oil is a kind of FAT and will feed humans with energy but is deadly to the fungi. This is not theory, this is practical experience. It just works.

Rest, surf the internet, or relax, read a book and be near the toilet the whole 2 to 3 days as you will be going to eliminate very often. The VCO detox in my experience is very hard to do, do not fast alone, always have a buddy, but the results will be well worth it. If you are strong-willed, you can do the detox for up to 3-7 days.

Results you can expect:

You will be going to the toilet very often, a dozen times is no surprise.
You might expel many weird things, better out than in.
You will expel white clouds of what most probably is candida/yeast/fungi.
Leaky gut cure.
Addiction to sweets / breads / chocolates cure.
The most effective, fastest and safest yeast/candida/fungi infection cure.
VCO detoxing and vco supplementing is an integral part of cancer cure.

You can repeat this 2-3 day VCO detox after 1 or 2 weeks and any number of times until you get the desired results you are looking for. Listen to your body wisdom.

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