Egad! You couldn't resist that cookie or potato chip or that tempting frapuccino drink. Now you're gut is acting up again! What to do? Fear not, just grab a piece of the following fruits to calm the storm inside your gut.

1 red juicy apple
1-2 plaintain banana or table banana

Eat you dinner 3-4 hours before going to sleep and no less to give time for it to be digested in the stomach. Don't eat too close to bedtime. Generally do not eat large meals, but smaller ones, and in the evening before reclining, do not eat any food on the restricted list. Before sleeping, spend a few moments at a window and do some deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply. And do not wear underwear or very tight clothing that could constrict the abdomen.

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body ph said...

To the poster who suggested we measure the ph of stomach contents: that's already been done, and I think anyone who's ever vomited can tell without testing, that stomach contents are acidic.