Okra is a vegetable that originated from Ethiopia. But many are not aware of its healing properties especially as a natural anti-ulcer and anti-hyperlipedimic. Furthermore, the bulk formed by okra in the stool promotes the growth of good bacteria. This property is similar to probiotics. It is a significant source of dietary fiber, Vitamin A, and potassium and Vitamin C.

Okra when eaten raw helps in neutralizing the digestive acids and it can be used for intestinal cleansing. It's gooey juices seep into the fingers inside the intestines and the use of fibers like psyllium husks can clean out the dirt in the intestines. It can even reduce cholesterol by binding along with bile acids which usually carry the toxins which the body should eliminate.

The many benefits of okra are amazing. This is God's gift to man. A humble and overlooked vegetable that can be used as replacement for probiotics, statins and antacids without the side effects. So take advantage of this cheap and abundant super food and munch on it for breakfast or lunch. Just blanch 5 or more pieces of okra and serve.

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