Upon waking up in the morning, squeeze 11 calamansi (Philippine lemon) and drink it pure and fresh on an empty stomach. Take your breakfast after 1 hour.

Do this for 1 whole month only. This is pure alkaline and can cleanse and kill all the bad bacteria in your gut and has been known to dissolve kidney stones and gall stones.


lourdes said...

Hi! I find this article very intresting and I want to know if calamansi juice is good to treat people with acid relux?

Anonymous said...

i tried 2 to 3 calamansi every morning before breakfast for the past five days. however, i am experiencing a somewhat bloatness in my stomach and some episodes of burping. i am diagnosed with an anthrall gastritis since 2007.

if you can direct me to a site where clinical studies were performed to determine if calamansi taken in pure form is converted into alkaline form, i will appreciate it very much. thanks

Wenx said...

Hi Anon...I do not recommend calamansi if you have gastritis. i would recommend probiotics though. You can buy some organic supplements or get it from homemade vegetarian recipes on the PROBIOTICS section of this blog. Good luck!

Wenx said...

Hi Lourdes,

Calamansi may be good for you but if you feel uncomfortable or experience some side effects then you should stop and take probiotics instead. Cheers.