A couple of years ago, I tried to do a 40 Day Prayer and Fasting in time for the Lenten Season. I did the one meal a day fast and ate only during dinner time. I drank water during the day at work and nourished my body at night. It was a big sacrifice on my part because it is no joke working on an empty stomach. But whenever I felt the pangs of hunger, I prayed and fed on Jesus' Word. This lasted for about 23 days. I couldn't go on, it was very difficult. By that time time I lost 30 pounds and gained so much faith. It was truly a unique and rewarding experience.

Afterwards I went back to my old lifestyle. I ate whatever I liked and whenever I wanted. Then eventually I got sick all the time. My stomach would ache and I would have cough and cold that would never go away. I didn't realize that my stomach was so much smaller now. I almost broke my back because of carrying heavy groceries. After fasting, my life will never be the same again.

In hindsight, fasting would have seemed to be a mistake. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and couldn't walk for a few days. I was also diagnosed with GERD and had to change my diet and lifestyle. It was just one thing after another. Still I believe that fasting was the best thing that ever happened to me. Getting sick was a wake up call to change my bad habits, to start living right before it's too late. It's better to begin in my early 30's than suffer the consequences when I'm already feeble.Unlike most people, I saw my ailments as an opportunity to learn and research. But fortunately, I didn't have to go far to find the cure. God is good and He provides.

Before I got scoliosis, GERD came first actually. It all started with a piercing pain on my left side just between my breast and armpit. It came to a point when the pain will become unbearable and I would writhe in agony. Then there was the unexplained coughing, the feeling like there is a lump on my throat, breathing problems and also bad breath. I have never heard of GERD during that time and my doctor told me I had Laryngitis. But when my Laryngitis never went away and my symptoms grew worse, I had to keep coming back to the hospital for months. Until finally another doctor suspected GERD and prescribed PPI or Proton Pump Inhibitors to block acid production of the stomach. I didn't buy the drugs though. You see, a miracle happened in between my suffering.

I was hearing Mass at church when a friend of mine noticed my distress. I was having a GERD attack then, my left side was in great pain and my face couldn't hide it. So when the celebration was over, she approached me and asked what was wrong. I told her I had some sort of ulcer. She then invited me to get alternative treatment using this thermal bed called Ceragem. According to their website:

CERAGEM is an Automatic Thermal Massager that combines massage and Ceragem pressure™ with Radiant Infrared heat(moxibustion effect), emitted through jade and Epoxy Carbon Panel for an overall rejuvenation.
It is a product that unblocks one's energy channels and relaxes muscles around the spine, improving blood and Qi circulation as the internal projectors move along the torso. (Qi is the Chinese word for vitality, life-force, and power).

CERAGEM combines technology with many traditional principles of Eastern medicine such as moxibustion and Ceragem pressure to massage and soothe the body's "distress signals," which cause pain and stress. While Ceragem pressure kneads and relaxes the muscles, moxibustion directs heat to the body, stimulating blood circulation and relieving muscle tension.

I didn't actually read the manual but I just said yes to my friend and we both went the next day to get my massage. Lo and behold, just after one 40 minute session on this bed, the pain on my left side lost it's intensity. It was still there but it didn't have that impact anymore. It was some kind of miracle indeed. I continued treatment everyday for a week until the pain was completely gone. But after that came chronic cough then Laryngitis. Which then led to the real culprit, GERD. 

When the doctor gave me a list of foods I needed to avoid, I fearlessly blurted out, "Why not kill me instead? These are all the foods I like to eat". I really wasn't amused. Especially when I discovered how much the drugs will cost me. That's when I decided there must be a better and cheaper way to cure GERD. After googling it, of course I did find the cure and more. It was the turning point of my life.

I did mention I acquired scoliosis after carrying loads of grocery bags. I didn't realize how smaller I was after the fasting so after my grocery trip, the next day my back hurt. Then when I went to work, I couldn't stand up straight anymore and had to take the day off while walking like an elderly lady who has osteoporosis. It wasn't pretty. I couldn't walk, sit or lie down without crying out in agony. My back was killing me, I was in PAIN. Good thing there was Ceragem. I did not go to work for a week but got myself treated with the thermal bed each and every day. But mind you, I went to physical therapy first but got stressed out by the long lines and technicalities, not to mention the fact that I had to pay every time I went for a session. So I opted for the bed instead and was happy I did. Today, no trace of back pain or scoliosis on my body. Another miracle from the Master bed.

Eventually, I got hooked into open source healing because I got tired of falling in line in doctor's offices and buying expensive drugs that didn't work. My 3 children were always getting sick also and antibiotics didn't cut it, they only made matters worse. So I stopped going to the doctor and relied on researching the net for home remedies and alternative medicine. Instead of pharmaceutical drugs, I give my children Virgin coconut oil, the natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral remedy. And everyday I make sure they get enough sunlight, for the sun's electromagnetic radiation makes all life possible. As with plants, humans need the sun to grow strong and healthy. Everyone must have at least 30 minutes of exposure to the sun especially in the morning.

My life turned around after I acquired GERD. I have never been this healthy and concious of my diet and lifestyle. I have lost my appetite for junk food, caffeine and nicotine. Toxic stuff that leads to addiction. I prepare my own food and have avoided eating out. This habit is very kind to my budget as well. It made me become more skeptical with what I hear and see in the media. In short, I have grown wiser and stronger in all aspects of my life. I will never be controlled by fear, the weapon of pharmaceutical companies to convice the masses to buy their drugs, for I know that the truth is out there, you just have to google it. You don't have to believe everything you see on TV. The truth is inside all of us, and we don't need artificial chemicals in our bodies. For the human body is both complex and simple. Everything we need to strive and survive is all natural and organic. We don't have to mess with God's creation but as ruler of all creatures on Earth, we must be responsible in protecting and utilizing our natural resources. In this way, we will live in harmony on this planet and possibly, disease-free.

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